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We have a range of packages to suite any budget. Many styles are available for you to choose from or you can ask us about your preferred style.
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Flower Wall Melbourne
Blossom Bridal Stage Package
$2100 (with 3 arches) - $2.9k (with 5 Arches)

Including set up and local delivery

1. 8 m (w) x 3m (H) white back drop with lighting
2. 3 or 5 Gold Arches with Floral Decor (Free Colour Customisation)
3. Glass Top Table with 10 cylinder vases with candles and Floral Runner
4. Sofa
5.2 Gold 8 arms candelabras (or clear 8 arm candelabras) with led candles
6. Gold Acrylic Runner for the front (refer to photo)
7. Floral Runners along the stage (length depending on arches quantity)
8. White Floor covering (10m approx.)

Bridal Stage Design - 3-5 Arches
Romantic Spring Package

Including set up and local delivery

1. Floral Canopy
2. FURNITURE: Sofa, Table, 2 Chairs
3. Floral Decor
4. 2 Blossom stands
5. Lighting

Matching centrepieces and arch available


Luxury Bridal Stage Package

Including set up and local delivery
* Bond required for this package - $450

1. White background draping (max 8m wide)
2. Floral Frame
3. FURNITURE: Sofa, Table, 2 Chairs
4. Floral Runner
5. 4 Crystal Candelabras (5 arms and 9 arms)
6. 2 Clear acrylic Pedestals with Floral Arrangements
7. 4 Mirror finish Stands with Floral Arrangements
8. 10 Glass Cylinders with Floating Candles
9. Square Mirrors for Cylinders and Stands
10. Lighting

Blossom Tunnel Package
What is included:

- Blossom Tunnel (5 designer archways, drapes, floral arrangements in between them, floral balls and more)
- White or red carpet runner 10m
NEW! Luxury & Unique Package from Farfalla designers. Design you will not find anywhere else.
This set up will impress your guests and stay in memories FOREVER!!!



Please note, we only service Melbourne and Victoria.
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